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Pine Hills FC is an inclusive, modern, forward thinking, football club. Our drive for excellence has been recognised by FFA with our National Club Accreditation Level 2 Award. We are the first club in Brisbane to achieve this level of national accreditation.

Our mission is to provide a positive, supportive and family friendly football environment. We are committed to the development of players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers. We seek to provide the highest quality facilities, and the promotion of sport in our community through participation in Football.



Last week Football Brisbane engaged with all 80 FB clubs to discuss the current COVID-19 situation. Clubs provided input into how competitions can be delivered as well as the impacts the clubs face based on several different start dates in 2020.

Football Brisbane and the clubs remain united in their commitment to provide a season of football to the football community when the government restrictions allow us to do so.

In line with advice received today from Football Queensland (FQ) the suspension of the season and all football activities will be extended until 30 June 2020.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) has indicated that they will review the current situation on 31 May 2020 which will provide us with adequate lead time to determine whether a return on the 30 June remains viable. Football Brisbane will take into account the circumstances and government advice at that time to enable clubs to resume operations prior to the season commencing.

Should this suspension be relaxed earlier, Football Brisbane anticipates it will be able to begin competitions within three weeks of any reassessment date.

Football Brisbane will hold fortnightly meetings with clubs to provide updates and receive further feedback as we work through this as a community.

We will update you as further information comes to hand.

In the meantime, we hope you all stay well and healthy 


  2020 Playing Season

 These are certainly challenging times for all communities, including the football community. Despite these   challenges, clubs across Australia guided by local associations, are discussing ways for the football competition to   be delivered once restrictions are relaxed in the months ahead.

 Recently the Director of Coaching participated in a Football Brisbane meeting to discuss the different options for   moving forward. Planning is occurring now so that our services can be implemented effectively and quickly once we   are allowed to recommence training and games.

 Some of the discussion points from the meeting were:

  • There is still plenty of time to run a playing season for different age groups, even if it were to run well into term 4 2020.
  • Football Brisbane have prepared a range of competition scenarios based on various starting dates from May to September. Obviously, the longer it takes for the season to start the more truncated the season will be.
  • All clubs have a strong belief that a competition can be delivered, even though it will look different this year
  • The majority of clubs preferred extending the season and playing mid-week if needed, to get as much of the playing season in.
  • The priority is to get the home and away competition delivered. Finals may not occur, depending on when we start.
  • Cup competitions in the senior grades are unlikely to occur.
  • All clubs are encouraging junior and youth players to participate in home programs, as are we.

 Home Program

 We want to keep players involved during this time, and the home program is the best way of doing this.

 Can you support the home program by doing the following?

  • Show your kids some of the videos we are placing on the Facebook page.
  • Ask them to practice some of these skills in the backyard, perhaps with your support, guidance and encouragement.
  • If possible, record 20 seconds of their practice on your phone and either upload it on to Facebook yourself of
    send it through to Nicci - info@pinehillsfootball.com
  • Share the player training samples with your own children. This may motivate them to do similar.
  • Alternatively, just record some video of your child kicking the ball around the back yard and send that through.


 We want to make best use of this time to plan improvement in our processes for next year. We will soon place a   survey tool on our Facebook page to collect views about the grading process and training program thus far. Please   take 5 minutes to complete this survey.


 Dear Parents, Coaches and Players


 You are aware that operations in all football clubs across Australia have been paused in the best interests of the wider   community.


 However, we have been busy liaising with Football Brisbane to plan for the resumption of operations. 

 In order to better inform these discussion, we should be grateful if you would assist us by completing short survey via   the attached link  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HHC8XMB before 3.00pm on monday.


 We can share the following.

 1. The playing season has been paused, not cancelled. The expectation is that a full playing season will still be run. 

 2. All clubs are working with Football Brisbane to determine the best options moving forward

 3. The Director of Coaching met with senior coaches recently to plan a program of home training activities that can be   easily implemented by parents and caregivers, as well as planning for the resumption of training and games. More   details will follow soon.

 4. We are using the pause on operations to:

  consider future changes to the training schedule in response to the changing nature of Covid-19 and social distancing expectations

  update the club website

  develop our coaches website

  plan our end-of-season summer programs 

  review our trial and grading processes.


 To assist in communication over the next number of weeks we would encourage club members to like the clubs   Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PineHillsFC/ and join the club members group   (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinehillsfc/.



 Home Training Program

 The DOC with the support of senior coaches will be placing skill challenges on the club Facebook page for players to   practise at home. We hope to update these skills 2-3 times per week for the next month or so.


 We would like to see players practising these skills at home and perhaps videos of their practice being placed on the   website. This will be a great way to keep players connected with each other and the club. 


 The U16 Div 1 team has already started their own challenge which involves the team collectively completing 3000   juggles, 1500 push-ups, 300 kilometres of running etc. Well done to Stephen Thuell for initiating this activity.


 If other coaches across age groups want to do similar over the next 3-4 weeks please feel free to implement. Contact   the DOC if you need some help. 



Update: Covid-19

Dear Members,

As you may be aware, Football Brisbane cancelled games this weekend and have urged clubs to be vigilant regarding hygiene at training this coming week.

As a Club, the safety and wellbeing of our players, their families and the broader community is uppermost in our thinking at all times.

At this point in time, we remain committed to the delivery of our training program and are aiming to keep things as normal as possible.

However, we will be remaining alert to:
- Advice from Football Brisbane
- What is happening in our local schools, and
- Any concerns or updates shared with us by our members.

With this in mind, if you or a direct member of your family develop flu-like symptoms, it is extremely important that you:
- stay at home;
- avoid close contact with others;
- see a doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately so that the nature of the illness can be determined.

Please note that our Director of Coaching will be asking all coaches to ensure that players are not shaking hands, doing high-fives etc for the near future.

The Club will be ensuring that all bathrooms, the office and canteen have hand dispensers with antibacterial solutions for players, parents and visitors to use.

Posters outlining proper hand-washing and hygiene practices are also being placed in relevant locations around the Club for your reference and we ask that these procedures be followed at all times.

We also ask that if you or a direct family member is diagnosed with Covid-19 that you inform the President so that we may act appropriately - Any such notification will of course remain completely confidential.

Please note that there is likely to be continued uncertainty over the coming weeks and months. As a Club we do expect that at some stage in the near future training may need to be cancelled for a period of time. However, in the meantime, please be patient and respectful to those around you whilst the Club does everything it can to try to keep things as normal as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

John Easley

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Last updated 6 Apr 2020
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