Welcome to Pine Hills FC

Pine Hills FC is an inclusive, modern, forward thinking, football club. Our drive for excellence has been recognised by FFA with our National Club Accreditation Level 2 Award. We are the first club in Brisbane to achieve this level of national accreditation.

Our mission is to provide a positive, supportive and family friendly football environment. We are committed to the development of players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers. We seek to provide the highest quality facilities, and the promotion of sport in our community through participation in Football.

Fixtures 29 October - 1 November

29/10/2018:30Dalton Park 1  (Under 15 Division 3 Girls) Peninsula Power U15 Div 3 Girls  Vs  Pine Hills U15 Div 3 Girls 
30/10/2018:20Samford Parklands 4  (Under 12 Division 2 Girls) Samford Rangers U12 Div 2 Girls  Vs  Pine Hills U12 Div 2 Girls 
30/10/2018:30Walton Bridge Reserve 2  (Under 14 Division 4 North) The Gap U14 Div 4 Nth  Vs  Pine Hills U14 Div 4 Nth 
30/10/2018:30Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex 1  (Veto Mens City League 7 Blue) Caboolture SFC Mens City 7 Blue  Vs  Pine Hills Mens City 7 Blue 
30/10/2019:00John Fredericks Park 2  (Under 14 Division 1 Plate) Capalaba U14 Div 1  Vs  Pine Hills U14 Div 1 
30/10/2019:00James Drysdale Reserve 2  (U13 Brisbane Youth Premier League Premier) Pine Hills U13 BYPL  Vs  Albany Creek Excelsior U13 BYPL 
31/10/2008:30James Drysdale Reserve 6  (U8 North Orange) Pine Hills U8 Phoenix  Vs  North Star U8 Burnley 
31/10/2008:30James Drysdale Reserve 7  (U9 Gecko North Yellow) Pine Hills U9 Bulls  Vs  Pine Hills U9 Sharks 
31/10/2008:30James Drysdale Reserve 5  (U8 North Blue) Pine Hills U8 Bears  Vs  Grange Thistle U8 Rangers Orange 
31/10/2008:30James Drysdale Reserve 4  (U11 Gecko North Green) Pine Hills U11 Knights  Vs  Caboolture U11 Redbellies 

31/10/2009:00Bob Brock Park 5  (U6 North Green) North Pine U6 Roar  Vs  Pine Hills U6 Pythons 
31/10/2009:00Talobilla Park 4  (U8 North Purple) Redcliffe PCYC U8 Westham  Vs  Pine Hills U8 Jets 
31/10/2009:00Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex 5  (U8 North Brown) Caboolture U8 Vipers  Vs  Pine Hills U8 Dragons 
31/10/2009:00Bob Brock Park 3  (U10 Gecko North Yellow) North Pine U10 Genesis  Vs  Pine Hills U10 Titans 
31/10/2009:20James Drysdale Reserve 9  (U6 North Green) Pine Hills U6 Hawks  Vs  Pine Hills U6 Wolves 
31/10/2009:20James Drysdale Reserve 10  (U7 North Green) Pine Hills U7 Colts  Vs  North Pine U7 Genesis Gorillas 
31/10/2009:20James Drysdale Reserve 11  (U7 North Green) Pine Hills U7 Tigers  Vs  Pine Rivers U7 Roar 
31/10/2009:30James Drysdale Reserve 3  (Under 12 Division 4 North) Pine Hills U12 Div 4 Nth  Vs  Taringa Rovers U12 Div 4 Nth 
31/10/2009:30James Drysdale Reserve 4  (U11 Komodo 2 North Green) Pine Hills U11 Warriors  Vs  Virginia United U11 Rockets 
31/10/2009:30James Drysdale Reserve 5  (U9 Goanna North Grey) Pine Hills U9 Eagles  Vs  Grange Thistle U9 Everton 
31/10/2009:50Stanley Day Park 4  (U7 North Green) Ridge Hills U7 Newcastle  Vs  Pine Hills U7 Wanderers 
31/10/2009:50O'Callaghan Park SSF 3  (U8 North White) North Star U8 Nottingham  Vs  Pine Hills U8 Mariners 
31/10/2010:00Bob Brock Park 3  (Under 12 Division 1 North Plate) North Pine U12 Div 1 Nth  Vs  Pine Hills U12 Div 1 Nth 
31/10/2010:00North Lakes State College 1  (U9 Komodo 1 North Yellow) The Lakes U9 Development  Vs  Pine Hills U9 Academy 
31/10/2010:40James Drysdale Reserve 3  (Under 12 Division 3 North) Pine Hills U12 Div 3 Nth  Vs  North Lakes Mustangs U12 Div 3 Nth 
31/10/2011:00Cubberla Creek Reserve 2  (U9 Girls Violet) UQFC U9 Diamonds  Vs  Pine Hills U9 Dolphins 
31/10/2011:00Talobilla Park 5  (U11 Komodo 1 North Yellow) Redcliffe PCYC U11 Seasiders  Vs  Pine Hills U11 Academy 
31/10/2015:00James Drysdale Reserve 2  (Womens Capital League 1 Reserves Premier) Pine Hills Womens Capital 1 Reserves  Vs  North Brisbane Womens Capital 1 Reserves 
31/10/2017:00James Drysdale Reserve 2  (Womens Capital League 1 Premier) Pine Hills Womens Capital 1  Vs  North Brisbane Womens Capital 1 
01/11/2009:00James Drysdale Reserve 2  (Under 15 Division 3 Girls) Pine Hills U15 Div 3 Girls  Vs  Olympic FC U15 Div 3 Girls 
01/11/2010:40James Drysdale Reserve 1  (Under 13 Division 2 North) Pine Hills U13 Div 2 Nth  Vs  Albany Creek Excelsior U13 Div 2 Nth 
01/11/209:00James Drysdale Reserve 1  (Under 13 Division 2 Girls) Pine Hills U13 Div 2 Girls  Vs  UQFC U13 Div 2 Girls 
01/11/2012:00Talobilla Park 1  (Under 16 Division 3) Redcliffe PCYC U16 Div 3  Vs  Pine Hills U16 Div 3 
01/11/2016:00Bellbowrie Sports Club 1  (Vilic Law Capital League 2 Reserves Premier) Moggill FC Capital 2 Reserves  Vs  Pine Hills Capital 2 Reserves 
01/11/2016:00James Drysdale Reserve 2  (Mens Under 20 Plate) Pine Hills Mens U20  Vs  UQFC Mens U20 
01/11/2018:00Walton Bridge Reserve 1  (Under 16 Division 1 Plate) The Gap U16 Div 1  Vs  Pine Hills U16 Div 1 
01/11/2018:00Bellbowrie Sports Club 1  (Vilic Law Capital League 2 Premier) Moggill FC Capital 2  Vs  Pine Hills Capital 2



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Draw to be held on October 31st at Women’s Capital League 1 premier game on Saturday, October 31st

Raffle  Extravaganza 2020 2


Director of Coaching October Update

Do C  October  Update

Academy, PHFC PLUS, Girls Excel
The Academy concept currently in existence at the club is being reframed into a new brand called Pine Hill PLUS. This follows a recent review, which also included a survey of members.
The PLUS program will retain all of the benefits of the existing Academy concept, but also offer potential and opportunity for other players across the club to access some of these benefits. While all players (U9-16) will have the opportunity to access the PLUS program, only the best players in an age group will be able to play in the First Team.
I will be presenting the review findings, anecdotal feedback and explanations of the PLUS and Girls Excel program to members on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October at the community clubhouse, 6.00 – 6.45pm both nights. I look forward to seeing you there.

Trials for U9-16 First Teams (Boys/Mixed)
Trialling for age-level First Teams will be slightly different this year. (Note, ‘first team’ terminology will replace ‘Academy’ team terminology for 2021.)
Coaches of existing Academy teams and the teams immediately below have been asked to provide the DOC with their personal insights into players, whose performance and attitude throughout the year warrant an opportunity to compete for a PHFC first team in 2021.
By the end of October, players from within our club will be invited to participate in a trialling process for 2021 first teams. I will soon be advertising trial dates for November, for each team/age group, that will allow players from other clubs to express an interest and trial.
It is my hope that by the end of November I can announce a First Team squad for each age group and ‘hopefully’ their coach.
However, please note that there are many variables that impact on this process, including parents who decide to take their children elsewhere, players who want to go elsewhere to follow friends … even after selection, wet weather, injuries, families moving house, etc.
Trial dates will be announced next week

Trials for U9-16 First Teams (Girls)
Selection of the girl-only teams will occur in February 2021. We are conducting the trials then and not now, because of the prior experience of having a large influx of girls registering early in the year. We are expecting the same to happen again next year.
However, we do want to look at all of our girls and any new girls during November 2020.
We will soon notify members of our girls-only training and talent identification sessions for U8-10, U11-13, U14-16 age groups. These sessions will help inform our team and trial planning for 2021.

Girl’s Night
We would like to have as many girls and women from across the club all coming together for a shared training session on Tuesday 27th October from 5.45 – 6.45pm. If possible, we would like the senior women to come and help run some of the activities before their training.
We think this would be a wonderful activity to celebrate our quickly emerging women’s football program and further promote our culture.
We would like to use this opportunity to invite some of our ladies down to help with some of the coaching. We have a strong commitment to developing mums, sisters and female players as coaches, so come on down and be one of our team.

Soccer Sisters
Our Soccer Sisters has got off to a great start with nearly 20 ladies joining in the first session. We would like more ladies to get involved, so please feel free to come down, learn some skills, have a laugh and enjoy our beautiful game. Email me if you would like to come along. doc@pinehillsfootball.com
Buddy Week
It was great to see so many new players training with our teams this past week. My anecdotal count was approximately 30 players who came along to enjoy our facilities and coaching. Hopefully we will see many of these buddies join us next year.

Come and Try Football Sunday: Schools
On Sunday 25th October we are offering free Come and Try coaching sessions for students in our local schools. McDowall, Albany Hills, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, All Saints, Patricks Road and others have all been given flyers to communicate with their students.
I ask our existing members to encourage others to come along to this morning where some of our coaches and players will be organizing some fun coaching sessions. The schedule is:
 8am – 8.45am: Age 5-6
 8.30am – 9.15am: Age 7-8
 9.00am – 9.45am: Age 9-11
Players can be registered at: www.pinehillsfootball.com/come-and-try-day fore Thursday 22 October.
I thank you in advance for your support.

Senior Teams
Our senior teams are doing very well in their respective competitions. Please consider coming down to the club and supporting them in their final home games of the season. Both teams are in with a strong chance of promotion.


Following this morning's update from Queensland Government regarding new restrictions in the Greater Brisbane area (Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay, Redlands), Queenslanders are reminded that community sports operating under a COVID Safe Plan may continue as long as measures outlined in this plan are enforced.

As per the COVID Safe Plan for Field Sports and FQ's Return to Play Guidelines, all Queensland clubs and members of the football community must adhere to social distancing guidelines and attendance tracking measures.


All people in attendance at any football activities MUST sign in and out at the venue, maintain social distancing at all times and not attend any football activity if suffering from cold or flu symptoms

Come & Try Soccer - October

Come &  Try  Soccer


Would you like to coach a Pine Hills team in 2021.

Please download the EOI below and return to Ken Swan - Director of Coaching.


PHFC- SHC- RGP- 03945

Goal Keeper Training

Tuesdays - 6-6:45pm - Field 2 - Northern End

Thursdays - 6-6:45pm - Field 1 - Southern End

Enquries - doc@pinehillsfootball.com 

2019PHFC- CC RGP02213

Training Schedule

TS. 11

Welcome back - please continue to follow the COVID rules

A big Pine Hills welcome to all our members and visitors as we return to football.

It is still very important that we follow all COVID related instructions which you will see on entrance signage and around the fields.

For visitors, please use the QR codes or book at entrance to register your attendance.

Enjoy the games and best of luck to all.

Covid  Signage

DOC Update: June 2020

We have now completed 2 weeks of training since the restrictions were lifted. Everyone is to be congratulated.

I have been very impressed with the preparation, enthusiasm and commitment of all coaches. The players are also very excited and doing their best to maintain the social distance requirement. Thank you to all parents for following the drop off and pick up procedures and remaining in parent zones while at the club.

The only aspect of the program that needs emphasizing is the continued need to complete the attendance sheet. Every player, coach, manager, parent and visitor to the club during the training period must have his or her name recorded on the appropriate attendance sheet.

Team finalisation

Coaches in a few affected age groups have been working very hard to try and finalise teams. In the last 2 weeks this has been made a little difficult with a few families deciding not to continue with their child’s registration, some new player registrations and a couple of coaches not returning. The variables keep changing!

I am confident we can announce final teams this week.


There are no changes to the training schedule at this stage. This will occur when restrictions are further lifted in early July.

Some coaches have expressed a desire to conduct training sessions during the school holidays. Coaches will discuss holiday sessions with parents, as needed.


Most coaches are trying to arrange 1 or 2 practice games between 10 July and the start of competition. Parents will be kept informed when games are finalised.

Teams in the under 6 and 7 age groups will also have some internal practice games on our home fields post July 10.

Competition calendar

The competition calendar has now been released and is available for your perusal on our website. You will notice that the competition concludes in October, and in some divisions early November.

Specific fixtures will not be released until just before the commencement of the competition.

Winter-Summer Sport

Some parents have asked about the circumstances of their child also playing a summer sport and the possible tension that may occur with winter sport now intruding into the traditional months of summer sport.

The state government, which recently published the return to winter sport program, is aware of this issue. It is our understanding that the summer sporting associations have been asked to consider delaying the start of their season, and to be part of the overall strategy of helping all in our community to share equally in the burden of the Covid-19 virus. We are unaware of any resolution as yet, but expect further information will be released in the coming months. We are confident a fair resolution will appear in due course.

Coach and manager meetings

Zoom meetings for both managers and coaches will be planned for in the next week or two. This will ensure we are all on the same page as we return to competitive fixtures from 24 July. All teams must have a manager or team leader attending the manager meetings.

The coach meetings will be more focused on the coaching program and expectations.

Brisbane Roar Football Academy

Brisbane Roar recently approached PHFC in the hope of running their Academy on one field, for one evening per week for the rest of the year. After considerable discussion, it was agreed to allow this to occur.

BRFA will pay a rental fee for the use of one field, generating much needed income. Our more talented players will also have an opportunity to show their talents to Roar coaches, and there will also be an opportunity for our coaches to become involved in the Roar Academy, which will further develop their coaching skills.

During this time, the PHFC Committee will explore other options that could develop from collaboration with the Roar.

Holiday Clinic

We have considered the opportunity of running a holiday clinic but believe it is in the best interests of all to let coaches organize their own coaching during the holidays and allow families to have their holiday time as needed.

Thank you everyone for your continued commitment to the club.

Ken Swan

Director of Coaching.

Club  Return to  Football  Parents and  Players  Info- 1

Club  Return to  Football  Parents and  Players  Info- 2

Club  Return -  Zones and  One  Way

ph 7


On Wednesday night, an Industry Covid Safe Plan was published by 13 Queensland sporting bodies including Football Queensland, AFL, League, Union, Cricket, Baseball and Netball – we’ll post that Industry plan to club website over the weekend.

Football Queensland have now updated their return to training to reflect that Industry plan – please refer to https://footballqueensland.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Return-to-Training-Guidelines-V3.pdf

The single biggest advance within the plan was that outdoor fields can accommodate multiple playing spaces.  As a result we now know we exact numbers we’re allowed to accommodate and are finalizing an expanded training schedule to reflect that.  Intent is for training to resume on Monday next and schedule will be published over the weekend.

There are several health and training protocols which the club must strictly adhere to.  Whilst the club has it’s own plan in place please remember – no plan survives first contact.  As things evolve over the next few weeks, we’ll realize things we didn’t anticipate, learn from them and adapt.  Please bear with us.

As with the Industry plan and training schedule, we will be posting further info from the club plan over the weekend.  In the meantime, to give you some idea of what to expect from Monday, some key elements of the health and training protocols are included in the attached video below.  Please take time to look through this with the family. 


Last updated 29 Oct 2020
Field 1Open
Field 2Open
Field 3Open
Inspire FieldOpen

In the case of inclement weather - advice on status of fields will be posted here no later than 4:00pm on the day.

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